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A healthy team is a productive team, and corporate wellness programmes are enjoying a rise in popularity as a result, especially given that we're in the midst of a global pandemic.

Research has shown that a healthy employee reports higher levels of happiness, greater productivity and takes fewer sick days. Introducing health and fitness initiatives to the workplace can, therefore, provide big benefits to a business.

Evolve offer bespoke corporate well-being programmes to ensure that your employees health is at the heart of your companies priorities.

We can offer a bespoke package to small and large organisations which may include (but are not resticted to);


  • Weekly bootcamps/outdoor fitness sessions 

  • Weight management sessions

  • Beginners exercise sessions

  • Non-invasive Health assessment and report, including:

    • Blood pressure

    • Body composition

    • Flexibility / Mobility Testing

    • Basal metabolic rate (Calorie needs)

    • Resting heart rate

    • VO2 MAX (Lung function)

  • Cholesterol testing

  • Mindfulness sessions

  • Back and Core strengthening Workshops

  • Pre and Post natal sessions, including pelvic floor strengthening

  • Long COVID rehabilitation - helping you to regain your strength and endurance and functional fitness

  • Team building sessions

  • Online exercise sessions and home workouts

  • Supervision sessions for mental health first aiders to ensure they also get the right support

  • Discount to EVOLVE bootcamps daily sessions

If you would like to discuss how we can help you create a healthier workforce, fill in the "ask us anything" form below.

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