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I joined Evolve 5 months after having my second son. I was suffering with post natal depression and I was keen to do something that helped me regain my strength but also gave me some time for myself and gave me some head space.

I was initially nervous as I was at a low ebb mentally and physically a lot weaker than I'd been before and didn't want to feel out of my depth or knock my confidence further

I felt immediately comfortable with Mark who took the time to understand my motivations. I loved the sessions from the get go, they're varied and enable you to work at your own pace and everyone is so friendly and approachable. I actually look forward to them and come away buzzing!

I feel so much stronger as a result of evolve sessions, physically but also mentally. Friends have noticed the weight loss which is nice but what's been even better is how they've commented on my confidence and energy levels. I feel so much braver and up for giving new challenges a go - the mud run we did as an evolve team last year was absolutely epic and I'm looking forward to getting involved in some if the other challenges the group have suggested. I really can't recommend it enough, I've never enjoyed exercise so much!




Tarryn's Achievements

Chest -11cm

Waist -21cm

Hips -12.5cm

I was constantly feeling lethargic and not motivated to do exercise. I was increasing weight and felt unable to control it. I wanted something that would fit in to my routine but never expected it would become such a big part of my life.

When I joined the bootcamps I was worried that I wouldn’t be fit enough or capable of doing the exercise. I have tried other exercise and weight loss groups before but given up at the end of the programme.


It is great that the bootcamps are adaptable for all abilities. My partner and I go to the bootcamps together and despite having different goals and abilities we can do the bootcamps together. I think this has really kept me motivated to keep going.

The bootcamps are fun and varied with almost every class a different routine. The 8 week challenges are really good because they help focus your mindset on the right food along with the regular exercise with the bootcamps. Bootcampers are a good mix of abilities but it is a really easy going environment with a focus on your own targets.

So far I have been going along to bootcamp for a little over a year! I’ve lost 12 kg so far and have gone down a dress size which was something that was really important to me. Still got a little way to go to a healthy body fat range but I’m sure with Mark’s help I will get there.


This is the longest I have stayed motivated to do regular exercise. It was easy to find excuses to say I was too busy, not enough time etc. The regular classes helps build the exercises into a routine and your daily life. The community that comes with the bootcamp is a really big part of it and makes a big difference in wanting to keep going during the workouts.

During coronavirus the community feel has stepped up massively to keep everyone motivated and encouraged to keep going. Bootcamps have continued from our garden. Mark has been fantastic in encouraging people to do bootcamps at home by setting new routines and running workouts on Zoom.



Evolve entered my life in 2019 and it changed the way I think about exercise. At first I was honestly apprehensive. About where to start, about working out in front of people, about making a fool of myself, but the moment I started I knew it was something special. 


Everyone was welcoming and encouraging, feeling like Evolve is more than just a place to workout from the get go. Every class I attended was different and it kept me focused during the sessions and before I knew it, the hour was done. Mark is great at making the sessions accessible to all, showing helpful modifications and ways to make things tougher is you were feeling up for a challenge.Its a community that shares experiences ,success and helpful info to help you attain your goals.


Since joining I have learnt so much about my body and what it can do. Ive managed to lose over 25kgs and have never felt better. I could never thank Mark and the Evolve community enough for what they have created. Anyone who doesn't know how to start, start here.



Kate's progress so far

Chest -7cm

Waist -6cm

Hips -4.5cm





I have been doing Evolve Bootcamps for over 3 years and I attend 4 sessions a week. Mark and the other
bootcampers make the sessions so much fun, it's friendly and everyone gives each other encouragement to
progress. I have found bootcamp to be so much more fun than a gym as every session is different.

At start of 2020 after a tough year in 2019 of being made redundant and starting a new job I had put
on a lot of weight due to comfort eating etc, went up to a size 16 clothes even though I was doing 4
bootcamps a week, road cycling between 40-50 miles once a week. I have done weightwatchers,
slimming world before and managed to put the weight back on afterwards. I felt that I was stuck in a
rut with my weight and decided enough was enough I had to give something else a try but wanted to
make sure I lost the weight for good this time and not put it all back on again as I have done before.

In June/July 2020 through the Bootcamp WhatsApp group I saw a message from Tim Goodman, from Food
Flexibility, offering bootcamp members a thank you offer of a 12 week nutrition course, and I thought
that this time I wanted to lose the weight for good and not put it back on again, but I didn’t want to
stop eating or ban certain foods, as October 2020 was my silver wedding anniversary, and I had my
first cruise booked to celebrate so I had something to aim for but unfortunately it got cancelled.

Food Flexibility has helped get my portion sizes under control, changed my mindset around eating
also when I came back from a long cycle ride, I found that I was so hungry that I wanted to eat
anything, but Tim guided me so that I could get the fuelling right after my ride.

At the end of the 12 weeks in September 2020 I had lost 6.1kg (13.4lb), 5cm from chest, 6cm from
waist, a total of 18cm overall. I was so pleased with the result that I carried on and by the end of
2020 I lost total of 9.3kg and I'm now down to a size 12 and I feel so much healthier and happier
with my weight.

Over 1 year later and I have also lost over a stone in weight, managed to drop 2 dress sizes to a size
12. I am now fitter and healthier as a 50-year-old than when I was younger! I have never regretted
any of my weight loss journey and I am now looking forward to going on my delayed cruise knowing
that I am in a much better shape.

Evolve and Food Flexibility are a winning combination



After hearing how much my mum enjoyed coming to evolve, I had to come and try it out, I ended up loving every session I’ve been to and have now been a member for nearly a year. Evolve made me fall back in love with fitness and enjoy being healthy and active. I found when going to a gym I would be doing the same exercises each time without seeing the progress I wanted. 

The only reservation I had was that I was worried I wouldn’t see the progress I wanted from doing exercise that wasn’t in a generic gym setting.

Being a part of evolve has been amazing, everybody involved is so supportive and are always there to help if needed. Every session is different and challenging whilst being extremely fun, as a result I have managed to lose 8kg



Four years ago, I decided enough was enough, I was obese, horrendously unfit, not sleeping and generally unhappy with my physical condition.


A flyer for Evolve came through the door, It looked like the beginning of a way out. I walked down and met Mark, he was very welcoming and talked me through the Evolve way. I signed up for the trial week and was hooked! 


I now do 3 Bootcamp sessions a week and 1 Boxercise, there is such a good choice of times, there is no reason to miss any. My weight has reduced by 11.5kg ,my measurements have reduced by 4 sizes, I feel healthier and happier.


The other bootcampers are friendly, encouraging and it makes exercise enjoyable. There is no pressure or judgement, you progress at your own pace, there is dietary and mindset advice available, all body parts are worked every session and there's always alternatives if a particular exercise is difficult.


The best thing I ever did was join the Evolve family.



After attending Bootcamps a couple of years ago and not really feeling it, I thought it was about time to start it up again. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of taking part in the 8 week challenge and wow what can I say!

This time I went into it with a totally different mindset as lockdown hadn’t been kind with weight gain and had serious thoughts of "I need to do something about this".


I knew my fitness levels were poor but after just a few sessions I found it easier to do the exercises set in each workout even upping the weights I used. After around 2-3 weeks I already started to notice a difference in my weight, cms and just my general mood. This gave me even more motivation to keep it going. 

Evolve Bootcamps are fantastic, the workouts are different each session and most importantly they’re fun. The support from mark and and other fellow bootcampers was phenomenal. Nothing was too scary to ask and everyone was and continues to be so supportive.

My weight has dropped by 17lbs (7.7kg) in total since starting at the end of March, I have lost more cms that I ever thought I would in such a short space of time, I’ve even dropped a comfortable dress size which has made me feel amazing.

After the 8 week challenge finished I signed up to carry on and am loving it - Evolve is the best!

Emma's 8-Week Challenge Achievements


Chest -6cm

Waist -10cm

Hips -4cm

Weight - 6.3kg



I’ve always enjoyed running and during lockdown I managed to go a few times a week, however the motivation soon disappeared as I was going out alone. I needed to find something I could do with others that I would stick to and enjoy going to.


Then I found Evolve Bootcamps and their 8 week challenge!! Not only did I have a goal and a challenge, but I could do it with other like minded people.

To start with I was worried whether I could fit it all in with family and work commitments, and could I do enough to actually make a difference to my fitness and the weight I had put on over lockdown. The flexibility of the classes made it so easy to fit it in and meant I could do at least 3 sessions a week and change each week if I needed to which was great.

Every Bootcamp has been different and over the 8 weeks I never did the same workout twice which kept it challenging without the risk of me getting bored. Everyone was so supportive and friendly and all my fears of coming to a Bootcamp by myself went and I found myself looking forward to the next one.


If I wasn’t sure what I was doing there was always someone willing to help or to ask and Mark was always around to correct my form on any exercises. Over the 8 weeks I not only started to lose weight and cm’s, I gained so much more! I felt fitter and more confident and loved the new group of people I had met. All the things I hadn’t achieved by running alone.

I have now signed up to carry on after the 8 week challenge as I’ve enjoyed it so much. My fitness is still improving and I’d still like to lose a few more cm’s but my confidence has soared and I have more energy.


I’m going to be fitter in my 40’s than I was in my 30’s!!!

Angie's 8-Week Challenge Achievements


Chest -7cm

Waist -7cm

Hips -5cm

Weight - 3.7kg



Gill's 8-Week Challenge Achievements


Chest -7cm

Waist -6cm

Hips -8cm



Jon's 8-Week Challenge Achievements


Waist -8cm

Hips -2.5cm

Weight - 2.7kg



Lorna's 8-Week Challenge Achievements


Chest -4cm

Waist -7cm

Hips -3cm

Weight -2kg



Richards 8-Week Challenge Achievements

Chest -3cm

Waist -8cm

Hips -1cm

Overall Achievements

Chest -12cm

Waist -19cm

Hips -13cm



After many years of saying I must do more exercise, a friend signed me up for Evolve Bootcamp in Fairlands. Historically I have kept myself fairly fit and after a 30 year public service career have now been retired for 9 years and am well on the way to reaching my 60th Birthday. I was feeling very lethargic and a substantial amount of ” chubb” had started to appear.

I was worried that I would be too old to do a Bootcamp but was assured by Mark that Bootcamps are for all. And indeed they are!! The first session was extremely hard but everyone was so encouraging, helpful and friendly that I didn’t even mind having an extremely stiff body the following morning. I signed up for the 8 Week Challenge and after attending 3 sessions a week, by the end of week 2 I had already lost 3.5cms off my waist. I was sleeping better and felt more energised. This spurred me into healthier food choices but actually I didn’t feel the urge to snack anymore. In a nutshell “I have got my MOJO back!!”.


The sessions are always challenging and varied and never boring. There is a very good social atmosphere and training in a group has inspired me to put extra effort in, which I never felt I did in a gym setting. I always look forward to the next session. I am amazed at what I have managed to achieve in a relatively short space of time and as well as losing inches I have also lost 12lbs in 8 weeks. So basically, if you want to get your MOJO back through exercise in a friendly atmosphere with lovely people get yourself down to EVOLVE and remember “ you are never too old to do Bootcamp “

Debbie's Achievements

Chest -10cm

Waist -11.5cm

Hips -9.5cm



Deborah's 8-Week Challenge Achievements

Chest -4cm

Waist -7cm

Hips -3cm

Weight -4.5kg



Paula's 8-Week Challenge Achievements

Chest -3cm

Waist -9cm

Hips -3cm

Weight -7kg



Valerie's 8-Week Challenge Achievements

Chest -7cm

Waist -10cm

Hips -8cm

Weight -4kg



Emily's 8-Week Challenge Achievements

Chest -6cm

Waist -8cm

Hips -8cm

1-year Acheivement

Chest -25.5cm

Waist -25cm

Hips -26cm

(25.5cm = 10 inches)


Angela's 8 Week Challenge Achievements

Chest -9cm

Waist -5cm

Hips -3cm

Weight -4.5kg

Angela 8 week challenge final.jpeg


Nina's 8 Week Challenge Achievements

Chest -2cm

Waist -8cm

Hips -8cm

Nina 8 week challenge final.jpeg






Gaby's Achievements

Weight -4.7kgs

Chest -5cm

Waist -9cm

Hips -5cm




Charlie's Achievements

Chest -8.5cm

Waist -12.6cm

Hips -7cm

Healthy Body Fat range

I’d got into the routine of not doing much exercise and regularly eating unhealthy food, so I needed a bit of
a kick start to get back on track. 

Not being able to run, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises and that there would be lots of running. However, Mark is great at finding alternative exercises and adapting the sessions to suit. I also thought we’d never find the time to fit in the bootcamps but have somehow found time for three a week almost every week due to the varied timings!

The sessions are really fun and really adaptive. There are certainly days that I don’t feel like pushing really hard so I just take it at a slightly slower pace. It’s a great group of people to get on with too.

None of my trousers fit anymore! I’ve certainly noticed feeling stronger from the bootcamps and the sessions have encouraged me to stick to a more healthy diet.


Winner - July 2019 Challenge
8 Week Challenge achievements

Chest –12cm.

Waist –10cm.

Hips -10cm.

I first discovered Evolve Bootcamps about a year ago while taking Jive lessons in the hall next door. After seeing how much fun everyone seemed to be having, I realised it could be for me.


The dance lessons came to an end when my husband injured his shoulder, I then saw Mark’s advert on Facebook this summer and thought I’d give it a try. I had been planning to slim into a dress I had bought for a family wedding in August.


A shopping trip with my daughter had seen her turn to me in the changing room and utter the words, “it’s nice Mum but you really will need to lose some weight” (honesty that only a daughter will share with you!), so that was my motivation for turning up that first Friday. 


I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute – the sessions are varied and you work at your own pace. Mark is on hand to offer advice and both he and Jenny are so supportive, they are always happy to go over things with you. Indeed, despite regularly forgetting some of the exercises I have never heard them moan once!


The fact that it’s outside adds to it – even if it’s raining, blowing a gale or freezing! It helps you to feel like you’re connecting with nature in a way, even if initially all you can think about is the warmth of indoors.


The other Bootcampers are great too – friendly, supportive and good fun. I try to attend at least 3 sessions a week and enjoy the flexibility of the timings. Sometimes I make the dawn chorus at 6am before work and sometimes the evening sessions. It really works out good value and I’ve enjoyed taking on the 8 week challenge. 


I was truly amazed that after only a couple of weeks I lost centimetres from my waist, chest and hips, so now I’m onto the next challenge – I turn 60 in December so want to get fitter and healthier for that milestone as well as hopefully losing another few centimetres. 

One really good thing is that I no longer go anywhere near the bathroom scales, but rely on how I feel. I know I still have a way to go but the journey with Evolve has been great fun and I can’t wait to continue.




2nd place - July 2019 Challenge
8 Week Challenge achievements

Chest –7cm.

Waist –8cm.

Hips -5cm.


3rd place - July 2019 Challenge
8 Week Challenge achievements

Chest –6cm.

Waist –8cm.

Hips -5cm.

Weight -4.7kgs.



4th place - July 2019 Challenge
8 Week Challenge achievements

Chest –5cm.

Waist –9cm.

Hips -7cm.




I had been unhappy about my weight and fitness levels for several years....did the usual thing, every so often I’d get motivated for a while to eat a little bit more healthily and go to the gym. Typically this would last about 3 months and I’d lose the urge for one reason or another and be back to square one again (and worse!). Anyway, I got talking to a friend of mine who wanted to get fitter for a trek up Kilimanjaro who said she was going to be doing this, so I got her to send me the link to the site. I filled in the form for the week’s free trial, Mark contacted me and I arranged to start, on a Monday evening in early January.

I was somewhat concerned about how unfit I was, had the usual doubts – “Will I be able to keep up?”, “Will I look silly?”, “What if everyone else is way fitter than me?”, “Will I actually be able to do any of the exercises?!!”. Anyway, I turned up on that Monday evening, it was rather chilly to say the least! Mark made me feel very welcome, as did the rest of the group who have been brilliant ever since! Mark reassured me that I could work at my own pace and to take a breather if I needed to, which was very re-assuring, especially as I discovered during the warm-up that I couldn’t actually complete a full press-up! Even so, I managed to get through it all, and actually found myself enjoying myself!


The group are so friendly and encouraging and Mark was always about to help my form etc. Needless to say, next day I was full of aches and pains and had the Wednesday session to look forward to – but having made the commitment for the free week made sure I was there – by the time the warm-up was done all those aches and pains had disappeared! I did another session that week and then decided to sign myself up for 6 months and see how it went.

That 6 months have flown by and I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever been fitter. I have lost a fair bit of gut (still a bit more to go!!) and what I have found is that I can now fit again into my favourite shirts without buttons flying off in all directions! The journey has been fun so far, we have a great time at the Bootcamps and the Boxercise classes (great after a bad day at the office!) and everyone, without exception, is hugely supportive which is why I’m about to sign up for another 12 months!!



Joint 4th place - April 2019 Challenge
8 Week Challenge achievements

Chest –6cm.

Waist –10cm.

Hips -3cm.

Body Fat -4.3%.



Having 2 young children changed my body and gave me less time to be active in the same way as I had been previously. Although I had got back into netball and lost a bit of my baby weight, as my second son was approaching 1, I saw an Evolve Facebook post that piqued my interest.


I sent out a message to my fellow mums in my street to find out if anyone else already attended… and received two glowing reports about the bootcamps. I really wanted to get fitter, lose a bit more baby weight and try to tone up a bit. My stomach muscles had split quite badly during my second pregnancy and I’d been advised by physios against anything more than light exercise for 6 months. Once I was discharged from physiotherapy and really enjoyed overindulging on maternity leave, I had no more excuses, so I contacted Mark and got booked on to a trial session prior to the start of the 8 week challenge.

I am not a morning person, so was a bit concerned that the early mornings would get the better of me and bed would just be too comfy! However, the 6am sessions were the only ones I knew I would be able to attend regularly while my husband was at home to be in charge of the kids.

There is a great atmosphere at bootcamps, even at 6am! It’s great to exercise outside. Mark creates a varied workout each session, takes time to improve people’s technique and gently suggests when the exercises could be made more challenging to achieve better results. Everyone works at their own level/pace, so it’s not overly competitive. No drill sergeant shouting, no triangle bodies checking themselves out in the mirror or skimpy workout gear like at some gyms. There’s certainly no judgement and the group is supportive both during sessions and on the busy WhatsApp group!

During the 8 weeks, my body fat percentage dropped by 5.3% and I lost almost 6kg, but my most valued achievements are that I feel so much fitter and stronger. My stamina on the netball court has really improved and my clothes fit much better. I’m still working on my mum tum… definitely harder to shift the second time round, it’s a work in progress! I’ve also signed up for a 50k walk in a few months and although I don’t have as much free time to do long distance walking training as I did pre-kids, I’m confident my bootcamp fitness will help with the much needed endurance for the event.

Joint 4th place - April 2019 Challenge
8 Week Challenge achievements

Weight –5.9kg.

Body Fat -5.3%.



8 Week Challenge achievements

Waist –5.5cm. 

Chest –6cm.

Dropping into a healthy Body Fat % range.



Approaching my 50th Birthday I really wanted to get fit and start exercising regularly but  didn’t know how and where to get started. After my house was leafleted I spoke to Mark who put me at ease about my lack of fitness and coordination!

I’ve enjoyed coming from day one, everyone was friendly and encouraging. Mark really explained all the techniques and exercises and for the first time in many years I’ve done something to improve my health and fitness. 

I’ve really appreciated losing some weight and centimetres but most of all I’ve enjoyed the feeling of positivity and as my family put it - I’m happier in myself. 

8 Week Challenge achievements

Waist –5cm. 

Chest –8cm.

Hips -4cm.


WhatsApp Image 2019-07-05 at

Bootcamp!!! OMG, a friend suggested an 8 Week Bootcamp Challenge and I immediately had visions of being told off if I missed a session and being hounded to "push myself further" and generally hating every minute......I was so wrong!!


The timing just worked for me, 8 Weeks until the dreaded 50.  I figured that I should take the challenge to prove to myself that I could get fitter and maybe lose a few CM to look good for my Birthday. Mentally I was ready but I doubted my physical ability. I try and do the Great South Run every year but my training is non existent, and my knees and back dislike road running.


I went for my initial meeting with Mark and immediately felt at ease. Quiet spoken and non judgemental, he was not the Bootcamp personality I was expecting. After my first session I was hooked. An amazing group of people who all have different reasons for being there, and all levels of ability. Mark allows you to work to your own ability and supports you throughout. 


The sessions are certainly varied and that makes it lots of fun. The group sometimes laugh their way through if its particularly strenuous, we all struggle together! I loved the inclusion to the Whats app group where we can discuss and laugh about our aches and strains after each session and Mark encourages comment about the sessions too. I realised I have a passion for the Boxercise but almost felt like it was cheating as I was enjoying it so much.


Time flew and that was the end of my 8 week challenge!! I turned fat into muscle and lost CM's. I looked and felt so much better. I flipped a tyre that was almost bigger than me, Skipped for the first time in 40 years, discovered I love to box and had lots of fun doing it. I found that I MADE time in my schedule to go to sessions and at no point felt under pressure to attend, I wanted to be there. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to exercise and have fun doing it. The results speak for themselves. Thank you so much. 



For over the past 10-15 years, I go through periods of wanting to be fitter and healthier but found it boring and lonely going to the gym and I unsure if I was exercising correctly and never saw any real improvements. Then 2 years ago, I had a serious tear in my meniscus (knee cartilage) which required an operation, this stopped me exercising totally and the weight piled on and I was concerned about restarting and further injure my knee.

I had become the heaviest I have ever been, it seemed that with each passing year I collected another 1 or 2 kg and I started to wheeze after walking up a couple of flight stairs. I worried about causing further damage to my knee, so had concerns about selecting the right activity for me but knowing that I had to make changes to my lifestyle and put in the physical effort. 


I knew that I needed to feel that I was in a safe pair of hands when I started exercising again and want to be trained by someone with a lot of experience and expertise. I realised that one of the reasons I didn’t always enjoy going to the gym was the feeling of isolation, even when in a room with 50 odd people training away on their own. I realised for me that I needed to do a group fitness program for the variety it offered, the camaraderie of working out with other people together, plus the support and motivation.

I saw some of Mark’s posts and videos across social media and knew that the right time was now, and Evolve’s 8 week challenge was the perfect platform for me to jump start my healthier life.  I have a busy work/life balance and travel a lot for work, but because of the spread of sessions across the week and various timings, even I found sessions that worked for me.


Every session is different routine, so that keeps it interesting, challenging and no one is shouting at you or trying to break you. Mark also provides brilliant easy-to-follow recipes on his website and great nutritional advice too. Motivation comes from trying to become a fitter you and working out alongside very welcoming and friendly people.... even in the rain! 


In just 8 short weeks, I have dropped over 4.5kg in weight, 7cm (2.5in) from my chest, 14cm (5in) from my waist and have just signed up to do my 1st 5k obstacle race. I know that this is just the start for a better, fitter life and I’m glad that I made the jump.

2nd place - April 2018 Challenge

8 Week Challenge results

Chest –7cm. 

Waist –14cm. 

Hips –2.5cm.

Weight -4.5kg



I have lived with chronic fatigue for 17 years, diagnosed at the age of 19 and spent many years pushing myself to get on with it, constantly feeling exhausted and not really getting any support from the doctor. I had kinda resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be limited in what I could do for the rest of my life and was scared to try anything new in case I made myself worse. I have a horse and would still ride him, but as I knew my limits, I was in my comfort zone and didn’t think I could do anything else. Chronic fatigue is a very unknown illness, the medical profession don’t know much about it and there is no test to say that is definitely what it is, you get given the diagnosis if they rule out everything else. Some people never recover, some people fluctuate through good and bad periods and then there is me, as long as I listen to what my body is telling me, I can lead a relatively normal life (it can be frustrating at times!).

My partner got in to walking, it started just him and his mate going out for walks, it then developed to them walking up Snowdon and then progressed the climbing more mountains, walking across the Isle Of White and then walking ultra challenges. He had made more friends along the way and wanted to share his experiences with me, but I always said no to the bigger stuff, not because I didn’t want to go, but because I physically couldn’t. At this time I’d also started experiencing a lot of aches and pains and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, this condition is linked to chronic fatigue and again not much is known about it.

I eventually got fed up with not being able to join in or if I did, I’d feel awful after. I was also fed up that my main passion, my horse and riding, made me hurt and that I was effecting the way my horse was moving when I rode him, I wanted better for him, he’s a very honest horse and I didn’t want to be this big heavy lump that he had to carry around on his back. I wanted to be fitter and stronger, so I could hold myself in a better position when riding and make it easier for him to move underneath me.

I’d already research a lot about chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia and had slowly made changes to my diet, mainly just trying to cut out as much processed foods as possible and eating a bit more of a balanced diet. They say exercise helps Fibromyalgia, but can hinder chronic fatigue. At this point exercise was the one thing I was avoiding.

One of our mutual walking friends then announce she was going to walk Snowdon for her birthday and my partner really wanted me to go. She’d suggested it in Oct 2018 and we were going to do it in May 2019, plenty of time to get me fit! I was out walking with my partner most weekends and wasn’t really improving much and still wasn’t getting anywhere with horse riding either. I then walked up Pen Y Fan with my other half in at the end of March 2019, he took me up the harder route and god knows how many times I stopped, but I made it to the top. It was when I got home that I contacted Mark. I needed and wanted to get fitter and stronger and I had heard of Bootcamp through my partners friend, as he was Mark’s brother. It was something different and something I thought I’d enjoy. I also knew I’d never get up Snowdon without a little extra help.

I was worried when I joined about overdoing it and exhausting myself. I can exercise, but take longer to recover, so I needed to work out the rest periods and listen to my body. 

I was also worried about joining a group that had people already established in it. Exercise classes I had gone to previously always had clicky groups.

The first few sessions were hard, I’d get about 10/15 min in and think I can’t do this, but somehow I’d push through and before I knew it the session was done. It was also nice to look up and see others finding it tough. Everyone is so friendly and even the more established members support the new members. I look forward to the sessions. 

My body shape has started to change, I am building more muscle. I feel stronger. I do still have my exhausted days, but they are less and I just have to listen to what my body is telling me. I can jump my legs in and out when doing a Burpee now, instead of stepping my legs in and out. I feel fitter and stronger when riding my horse, he doesn’t have to carry a heavy lump around as much now and we are getting better results. I also made it up Snowdon and had a happy cry when I made it to the top. I also feel if you put your mind to something and have people around you giving you support and encouragement, you will succeed.


3rd place - April 2019 Challenge

8 Week Challenge results

Chest –7cm. 

Waist –9cm. 

Hips –6cm.

Body Fat -4.2%



I had not been happy with my weight or fitness for a long time and always tried to go to the gym but didn’t stick it out, then one day I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed someone was looking for a fitness class and Evolve was one of the recommendations, I went on the website and found they were doing an 8 week challenge so then and there I signed up.

My main fear in joining was that my fitness level was poor and I was not sure I could do it. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself or fail again at another fitness mission.

The process of joining evolve has been brilliant, on my very first class I was warmly greeted and made to feel very welcome. Every class I have attended has been different and fun. All members are so very supportive and give very helpful advice on how to help. The website members area has been brilliant and helps me plan my workouts and nutrition have been invaluable. Mark is always on hand for some encouragement and advice when i'm not doing things quite right. My whole lifestyle has changed as a result of Evolve, my journey is only just beginning, and I am so excited to see more results in the coming year. I would recommend Evolve to anyone who wants to get fit with a great bunch of people

Since joining Bootcamp I have found my fitness has greatly improved, previously the warm up was a challenge now I can get through that and challenge myself on each class. My heart rate has dropped to healthier levels. During the eight weeks I have dropped a dress size and feel so much better in myself. I have had so many comments about my new appearance which just keeps spurring me on to make more and more improvements.

Winner - April 2019 Challenge

8 Week Challenge results

Chest –5cm. 

Waist –20.5cm. 

Hips –9cm.



I just bought a bikini!!….

I was never a sporty person but in my twenties I became a regular gym goer which was fine, until I sustained a knee injury and early onset arthritis.  I had to stop all impact exercises, but I found gym equipment and classes too restrictive so I stopped through frustration. I had my first son in 2013 and the stress/exhaustion of balancing a full time job, poorly baby and home life meant I never did lose the last stone of baby weight.  I had my second son in May 2018 and my body was unrecognisable.

By December 2018 I had lost all the weight that I could through diet and walking, it was time to find a form of exercise that would suit my physical restrictions and hopefully be fun….welcome Mark into my life!

Never in a million years did I think Bootcamp would be for me, I was worried I’d get shouted at for not being able to do certain exercises or I’d get in other peoples way.  However I couldn’t have been more wrong – Mark manages to tailor the workouts to suit all different individual needs and the other Bootcampers are super supportive.

I think the thing I love most is how easily you can fit the classes into your day, there are plenty of sessions through the week at different times of the day.  It doesn’t feel like one more thing I have to try and fit into a busy day, it just works. 

The above photos are taken exactly one year apart and I was somewhere in between when I started Bootcamp, after just 5 months of training I’m back to how I was before I had a baby.


Chest –7cm. 

Waist –15cm. 

Hips –16cm.

…....with a few more months and with Mark’s help I’m confident the headline will read “I just wore a bikini”



“Back in November last year (2018), I was approaching 50, and decided to finally do something to improve my fitness, and lose weight. An Evolve post for a six week Christmas challenge popped up on my Facebook page and I thought I could probably manage to commit for that amount of time and see what happened. I signed up and Mark called me straightaway – before I changed my mind 😊

I have never really exercised before, apart from the odd few days at gyms before I quit going, and I was really worried that I would be the most unfit person there, and wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone else. I also didn’t really know where I would find the time to go with work and everything else, but my family have been super supportive to the point where my daughter comes along to Bootcamp with me too.

Well I needn’t have worried as much as I did. Everyone at bootcamp was really supportive and encouraging. Mark is really patient, explaining all the exercises as we went along, and finding alternatives to suit my very bad fitness levels. There are so many different times of bootcamps that I have managed to fit in 3 or 4 a week – who knew I could find that much spare time! I actually now enjoy it and look forward to going – never thought I would say that about exercise 😊

So I have been going now for almost 5 months and I still have a long way to go, so I am in it for the long haul, but since I have joined, I have lost over a stone, I have lost 33cm in total (11cm off chest, 11cm off waist and 11cm off hips), and more importantly I feel fitter, stronger, and like I have achieved something.

Last week I completed my first Obstacle Course Race – only 5K, but not bad for someone who would never have even run for a bus before! I have attached before and “in progress” photos – I don’t want to call them after because I am definitely not done yet" 😊



“I had only been living in Fairlands for a few months when I found an Evolve flyer had been put through my letter box. I had been going to classes at a local gym but they were getting a bit repetitive and I hadn’t been enjoying them that much. I have always enjoyed being active but found this harder once I switched to a desk job 6 years ago..

I have always struggled with my confidence and suffer with anxiety so going to a new class on my own was really daunting for me. Thankfully I had nothing to worry about and after a year and a half I think I can safely say I’m totally hooked. Mark is a great support and I’ve made long life friends whilst getting fit and having fun. There’s a real community feel about the group which is great.


Since joining, I’ve taken part in three obstacle courses and plan to do another two this year, something I never thought I’d be able to achieve. I’ve lost weight and I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been. I couldn’t have done it without you Mark, so thank you."



“I have always enjoyed being active but felt like I wanted to find something new to try. I had some wobbly bits I wanted to improve and everything else I had tried hadn't made any difference. A friend of mine had been to Evolve Bootcamps and recommended I try them as she was really enjoying them. I am very pleased she did.

I started by going to a trial session, I was worried about finding the time to fit enough sessions in. I have 2 young children and a job and I struggled to attend an old exercise class I had been trying to go to once a week, so I wasn't sure I would be able to commit to it. I loved the trial session and as there are so many options for joining I decided I would try it for a month to see if I found the time and motivation to go. I did.

The sessions are amazing and so varied. I attend both Boxercise and Bootcamp classes, and since I have joined I have managed to fit in nearly 3 sessions every week. I love it and hate the idea of missing it. With so many sessions in one week it is almost impossible to not find the time, I never thought all these months later I would still jump out of bed at 5.40am to start exercising at 6, even in sub zero temperatures. The sessions are really tough, but it is a great group of supportive and fun people who attend, we are all different shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels but everyone fits in. Mark does a brilliant and fun job of motivating us all whilst helping us reach our goals.

Since I started the wobbly bits have started to wobble less and I am more toned than I have ever been! Even my husband has commented frequently that this is the only exercise regime that has made a difference to my body shape. I was already in a healthy weight range when I started so I didn't know what to expect but I am really happy with the results. I have hugely improved my fitness levels ( I can now actually do a full push up, maybe even 10 in a row), my clothes fit better and I have lost 10cm around my waist and 4cm around my chest."



“I was looking to increase my fitness levels and tone up. At the time before joining, I was doing mainly dance cardio style exercise and although I felt fit from these classes, I wanted to give myself more of a fitness goal, which I feel was lacking from my regime before joining Evolve.

My greatest fear was that I would not be able to achieve results and that my desired fitness and toning related goals would never be reached.

Starting with the workouts at each session, the best thing about them is that they are not repetitive and they workout the entire body in some way. They are challenging and they are created in a non-restrictive manner such that each session can be tailored to every individual’s need. For example, if I need to push myself in weights, the session allows me to do this without the need for personally created sessions. It’s an incredibly supportive group and at the end of the day, we all are there to enjoy ourselves as well as achieve our own personal goals.


The best thing about the sessions are that they are non-competitive in that the only competition is the personal one we have with ourselves. Nothing is forced and everyone helps each other, which makes every session fun.

I never thought I would be able to run in any race, but I have since completed a 5km Muscle Acre obstacle course race, a 15km Rough Runner obstacle course race and a 12 km Muscle Acre obstacle course race. Each of these were completed in a set target time, which still amazes me as I am not a runner by any means.


My strength has drastically improved from being able to only lift 3kg weights to now working with 15kg and 20kg. My diet has naturally changed as I feel like eating healthier and naturally choose healthy options because I fully believe training makes your body crave healthier foods.


My body has toned up more, and I generally feel stronger and feel more confident from these sessions. Plus, personally I am literally able to see results in my body shape when I attend these sessions regularly. This in itself is a big confidence boost."


IMG_20190222_111224 1.png

“I had recently had a baby and very keen to get back into shape and get training again. I received one of the flyers through my door and sent Mark an email. He was very welcoming and helped adapt the early sessions when I was 9 weeks postpartum and since then my confidence with my body and what I can achieve have grown.

Evolve has worked so well for me as it’s less than 5 minutes from where I live. With a young baby and working dad, it meant I could train at 6am before my husband had to leave for work. Since returning to work myself, I have continued to train in the mornings and it works incredibly well.

Having played international sport for many years, I have trained in some competitive environments but what I have really enjoyed about the Evolve bootcamps is that whilst everyone is focused and working at their own level to push themselves, the sessions have a friendly and ‘relaxed’ feel. I find that very refreshing. 

I have now lost all my baby weight and have made it back on the lacrosse pitch. I have also improved my mental health, as having not trained since the later stages of pregnancy until 9 weeks postpartum it has help me feel more like myself and get back my identity.


Thank you Mark!"


Bootcamps, Bootcamp, Boot camp, Nutrition, Exercise, Personal Training, Fat Loss, Guildford, Fitness, Boxercise


Bootcamps, Bootcamp, Boot camp, Nutrition, Exercise, Personal Training, Fat Loss, Guildford, Fitness, Boxercise

“I have been a member of many different gyms but always felt so intimidated and never felt I was achieving my goals.

Due to doing various 10k’s, half marathons and in 2012 I did the Brighton Marathon to say I have achieved this goal in my life, so I have a certain fitness level but was looking for something different as I was getting fed up with doing the same thing every week and I needed to do more strength based work. In the meantime I have now taken up road cycling but I still run once a week with friends as a bit of a social run.

I remember that a leaflet was put through the letterbox from Evolve Bootcamps, I didn’t think anything of it straightaway, but then looked at it again and decided to send an email as I noticed it was local and it was doing the strength work I needed. To my surprise I got a reply back that evening so decided to go along for a trial session.

On my first session I was very apprehensive due to being very shy, but as soon as I got there I was made to feel very welcome by Mark and everyone was so friendly. After only 2 sessions I was totally hooked and thoroughly enjoyed it so I signed up for the 8 week challenge. Mark advised me not to worry about what the scales say just take measurements and photos which I did and I have lost a total of 3.5cm from my chest, 9.5cm on my waist and 4.5cm on the hips. I have also made new friends. By doing the bootcamps it has helped with my road cycling as I now have more strength in my legs which has improved my hill speed and overall times.”

Progress photo's and measurements achieved on Evolve's 8 Week Summer Body Challenge.

Chest -3.5cm

Waist -9.5cm

Hips -4.5cm


Bootcamps, Bootcamp, Boot camp, Nutrition, Exercise, Personal Training, Fat Loss, Guildford, Fitness, Boxercise

I had already managed to lose weight following a diet plan. I knew I needed to exercise but could never find anything I enjoyed long enough to stick at. I would go to the gym because I needed to not because I wanted to. I saw an ad on Facebook for the 8 week body challenge, I had 10 weeks until I was going on holiday, so I thought I would give it a go.

I had a few reservations before starting, my fitness levels were not the best and I would always give up too easily if I thought things were to hard. I imagined everyone would be fitter and better than me and that I would not be able to keep up. The first session was hard work but so much fun, Mark takes the time to talk through each exercise and offers variations and alternatives depending on each individuals fitness level or ability.

The Bootcamp group are all really friendly and supportive, there is no judgement about who can or cannot do what. Everyone works at their own pace and Mark gives the extra push when needed.

Since starting the challenge I can honestly say I am enjoying exercise!! I am a lot stronger than I ever believed I could be, (I can even flip the big tyre now too!!) I have lost 19.5cm across my 3 measurements which I am amazed at and I've even dropped an extra 6 lbs in just 8 weeks. The difference in my before and after pictures is definitely noticeable.

Progress photo's and measurements achieved on Evolve's 8 Week Summer Body Challenge.

Chest -11cm

Waist -6cm

Hips -2.5cm


Bootcamps, Bootcamp, Boot camp, Nutrition, Exercise, Personal Training, Fat Loss, Guildford, Fitness, Boxercise

I had already begun my fitness and healthy living lifestyle two months prior to joining Evolve. I was going to the gym 4 times a week; pounding the same treadmill, listening to the same music and staring at the same 4 walls. Eventually, my love affair with adrenalin and endorphins wasn’t enough to keep to the same mundane routine every week. I was unhappy with how tired I was every day. I wanted the girl in the mirror to be someone I was proud of. More than that, I craved a community to share my experience with. In comes Evolve! My commitment and motivation has never been more consistent since I found my fitness family.

A couple of years ago, I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament and had a reconstructive graft on my knee. Since then, I’ve had pain and more limited use in my right leg. I was extremely apprehensive about my capabilities and concerned that I wouldn’t be able to join in with half the activities planned. Mark has been there to support me from the beginning. He has been very understanding of my injury and has tailored specific exercises to my capabilities.

Mark is just great. Every time I tell someone that I participate in a Bootcamp, they all grimace and imagine an hour of being screamed at and forced to do ‘just one more press up’. The beauty of Evolve is that there is a lot of self-motivation. Mark is there to gently encourage, prompt and correct your form. His approach is so supportive that you want to do well for yourself. Working out alongside a team of men and women from all different walks of life, shapes and sizes, there is no reason to be intimidated by the concept of Bootcamp. I always leave with a smile.

Everyday life is so much easier. Little things like getting in and out of the car, climbing the stairs and rushing to appointments are no longer a strain. I have lost 17cm from my waist, successfully completed a fitness test for my dream job and signed up for my first 6km race. My confidence has improved and I feel like a completely new woman.

Progress photo's and measurements achieved on Evolve's 8 Week Summer Body Challenge.

Chest -5cm

Waist -17cm

Hips -11cm


Bootcamps, Bootcamp, Boot camp, Nutrition, Exercise, Personal Training, Fat Loss, Guildford, Fitness, Boxercise

After years of yo-yo dieting and joining and leaving more gyms that I care to count, my weight kept creeping up and my fitness levels got substantially worse. I needed to do something but didn’t know what. With the mail one evening was Mark’s flyer about the 8 week transformation challenge, I had always liked the idea of trying a Bootcamp but was terrified of being the slowest / unfittest one there. I took a look at Mark’s website and really liked his positive approach and reading through the testimonials thought that I could give it a go.

I was really nervous at first, my fitness levels were terrible and I was embarrassed about my weight. I shouldn’t have worried, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. The first session was hard but afterwards I really felt like I had achieved something so signed up for the 8 week challenge.

8 weeks in and I am hooked! Bootcamp is just brilliant, I love it and try to get to as many sessions as I can (about 4 a week). The sessions are varied, hard work, sociable and great fun. Mark is really encouraging and supportive, suggesting alternative exercises if there was something I felt I couldn’t do to begin with, correcting technique and encouraging me to work a bit harder as my fitness levels improved. Completing a weekly food diary and getting Mark’s advice on where to improve my food choices was really helpful. The social side of Bootcamp is great too, everyone has different fitness levels
and different goals, but everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other, it’s very motivating.

I am amazed and delighted at how different I look and feel in just 8 weeks, where do I start - I feel so much fitter and stronger, definitely more confident, more flexible, sleeping better, with better nutrition I am no longer craving sugary treats and I am losing weight, 6kg so far. I still have a way to go to reach my goals, but I am thoroughly enjoying the Bootcamp journey to a fitter and healthier me. I would definitely recommend Evolve bootcamps to anyone wanting give it a go.

Progress photo's and measurements achieved on Evolve's 8 Week Summer Body Challenge.

Chest -6cm

Waist -8cm

Hips -10cm


Bootcamps, Bootcamp, Boot camp, Nutrition, Exercise, Personal Training, Fat Loss, Guildford, Fitness, Boxercise

I have been on a fitness / weight loss journey for over 1.5 years as I was getting married in August 2017. I struggled to lose the weight for the wedding, but managed to get down to my ideal weight using all different diets under the sun including Juice Plus, No carbs, Body coach, grapefruit diet, the list goes on…. I was literally trying everything and getting fed up with little results and the weight coming back on quickly. Anyway, I got down to the weight I wanted, but as I did it in such a hap hazard way, within 4 months after the wedding I piled it all back on and more. I was sick of dieting and struggled to keep motivated doing HIIT at home when the “big day” was over.

I had no reservations at all (in joining up), in fact I was annoyed that I hadn’t found out about these Bootcamp sessions before the wedding as I am certain I would have reached my goals with less stress and not put it all back on again. I absolutely love the sessions, they are all different and even if you go with no energy you are full of it by the end. They are challenging but fun, it’s a great group of people. There are so many different times for sessions, it’s hard to find an excuse not to go.

I have lost a fair amount of cm, I feel much stronger and leaner and have much more energy. I have only lost a pound on the scales though, which would have bothered me in my pre-wedding days, but now I realise the weight makes absolutely no difference, what matters is inches. I couldn’t get into one of my dresses at the beginning of this 8 weeks, now it fits perfectly, I couldn’t believe it with no drop on the scales.

With the results I have had in 8 weeks I’m really motivated to go on and make this more of a lifestyle for me. I have a very active social life which means that I do have more alcohol than I should and eat out a lot, which obviously slows down results a bit. However knowing that I can get to where I want to be, without compromising too much on what I enjoy and just keeping the momentum going with Bootcamps makes me a happy “camper”.

Progress photo's and measurements achieved on Evolve's 8 Week Summer Body Challenge.